this is not the end

8:43 PM

Once it was always summer,
And the sun never ceased to shine upon my upturned face,
Even when it rained,
And doused your hair,
Which fell across your eyes, deep brown like the fresh earth.

The days ran in a circle of joy,
And the forest echoed with the laughter of the wood sprites.
We were children then,
And we chased the light
As it fell like stardust through the spaces between the trees.

We were innocent,
And nothing that was said or done could ever taint us.
My dreams were higher than the clouds,
And each one attainable,
As certain as the fact that you knew you’d find true love.

There’s a photograph of us,
Back before my dreams had died and your heart was broken.
Your face was close to mine,
Our hands were clasped tight,
And each moment spent together was as natural as breathing.

I thought I was the future,
And that my hands would shake the very fibers of this world.
You thought that I was perfect,
And that the signs were in your favor,
And that the time and place would come when all in love was right.

That was all so very long ago,
Before the rungs of the ladder collapsed beneath my feet.
You tried to save me,
And offer an escape.
But I needed time and space, to learn to fight the world on my own.

I wasted my best years,
Chasing the straying sunbeams that slipped through my fingers
And left me wanting,
My hands still empty.
The glittering renown I thought would find me proved elusive.

You suffered alone.
The years took the joy and triumph from your footsteps.
The brown eyes lost their mirth.
Stranded on an island of your building,
You fled from the elements, and the pain inside your own being.

There were no more words.
No reason to share the secrets of our hearts.
I took my own counsel,
Carried my own soul,
Until the weight of it brought me to the earth, beaten in the end.

I saw you again.
Your hair across your forehead like the child I once knew,
But delight was gone,
Hope and desire faded,
Resignation painted across the visage that had been my closest friend.

No more.

Take my hand.
The woods we used to roam are still alive and breathing.
The sunlit showers fall just the same,
And there is joy yet to be found.
The light continues to call us, and the earth has room for love and dreams.

We are children still.