I am the girl with empty hands

10:37 PM

I will let go of my love.
I do not need it to survive.
It does my spirit mortal harm
And turns my soul into a desert.

 I will not suffer anymore
Nor mourn the loss of what has never been.
The actualization of joy is a rare thing
And standing in the shadows the more certain fate.

I am happy for you, my friend.
It is my duty but I am sincere.
The world will fall at your feet like the woman you love,
And I will watch, the girl with the empty hands.

It has been thus all along
And it is easy to hide when one is always alone.
But even though I did not build a boat
Somehow I am left standing after the flood tide.

I will still breathe.
The heart within me will beat again.
Even the darkest hour must end at last,
And already I have lived to tell the tale.

 I will let life come at me once more,
And open wide my arms to receive it.
And even now I will find each small happiness
While I wait a while in this useless passion.