Memories of the Dragon

3:02 AM

I walk alone, holding hands with the ghost of what has been.
The bridge beneath my feet is missing rungs.
I can't look or I might plummet.
But if I fall, a winged dragon will catch me.
I'll fly away
And the daylight will kiss my eyelids
And the moonlight will fade into the lakes below
Where I watch my shadows, dancing gaily
Like mermaids beneath the surface of the sea:
Playful companions, gesturing.

They want me to join them
But if I lose my breath then it will not return
And if I use my wishes, the genie will be gone
And I'll find myself imprisoned in a palace
With stones in my pockets where coins used to be
And my arms wrapped around the skeleton of a lover
Who left me his body and took his soul away to paradise.

There is a skylight above, painting flowers that skip across the sun
But I don't want to take part in such happiness.
I'd rather languish, and let the tears run
And the laughter echo
And the memories of the dragon drive me sane
Until sleep at last has found me.

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