Miss Oliver At Home

"Write in a way that scares you a little..."

12:19 AM

I'd like to add an ending thought to that quote by Holley Gerth.

"And then post it on the internet."

I'm finally getting around to doing just that. For the first time ever, I'm releasing some of my fiction writing to the world. It's taken me a long time and much pondering to come to this decision, but I figure that if a novel I wrote years ago is not a part of my publishing plans and is just collecting dust, I might as well not have written it in the first place.

Writing, whether it's good or bad, is meant to be shared. If someone is entertained in the process, then it's a success.

So I'm sending "Miss Oliver At Home" off into the big, scary world...

I'll be releasing chapters (hopefully at least 1 a week - "follow" me on Figment for updates) as I get them edited and cleaned up (the novel is still in a -albeit very tidy- "first draft" state). Thank you so much if you take the time to read, follow, and share your comments. (Trust me, the reader's comments are so important, and have influenced major changes in some of my projects.)  I appreciate it more than I can say.

Any other "Figmenters" out there? I'd love to connect with you! :)