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How DIVERGENT reminded me about the important things in life...

10:12 PM

I have mixed feelings about the Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth. I read the books over the summer, and flew through the first one, which I enjoyed for the most part. It was interesting enough to keep my attention, and while I wasn't particularly captivated by the characters or the writing style, I thought it was a decent book, minus the "he touches me, I can't breathe" teenage romance, which grated on my nerves. But in books 2 and 3, while they still kept me interested enough to finish, the writing was super distracting and the romance had me rolling my eyes more and more often.

But despite my mixed feelings, I wanted to see the new film, and rented it last weekend.

It was really good.

Better than the book, better than I'd expected, and I'll confess I was completely sucked into the romance. (Who was that person who used to think Theo James was ugly?) But most of all, it gave me a lot to ponder.

When I see films where the characters are up against all odds, caught in situations that are seemingly hopeless, and yet they continue to fight, risking their lives, willing to sacrifice everything for their friends, their family, or a cause that is so much bigger than themselves... my own troubles become small. My daily worries pale in comparison. And I realize how much of what I do and what consumes me is completely and utterly pointless. My comfortable living space, new clothes, and career success mean nothing. If what I'm doing doesn't have a point... to love, to help, to serve, to protect, to teach, to inspire... it is all for nought.

Life is not pointless. I believe that Jesus holds the answers, and I believe that He calls me to live a life that counts.

I am called to live with Passion, with enthusiasm and dedication for the things I believe in, the people I come in contact with, and everything I put my hands to.

I am called to live with Purpose, and that purpose is to show the world the Grace and Love that has been shown to me. Every person who crosses my path is part of that purpose.

I am called to live with Perspective, and always keep my own life and troubles in the context of a greater, hurting world. I need to always keep in mind the things that are truly important, remember those whose circumstances are so immeasurably worse than my own, and see the world with the eyes of Jesus.

I want to live with my hands open, ready to give or receive, to move in whatever direction I am called, and to lay down my life for something bigger than myself.

And just how did a movie like Divergent remind me of all this? Sometimes the pieces just come together in the middle of a bestselling young-adult angst-filled dystopian tale.