Breathing a deep, victorious sigh.

11:04 PM

Draft #2 of my middle grade novel is complete.

And now I'm just going to take the next few weeks to go over some things I made notes on, make a few more cuts, additions, and adjustments (this will probably still technically count as second draft work), and hopefully get it out to my "critique group" in early May.

This is kind of a big deal. I've never completed a second draft before (because I felt like my previous novels didn't meet my standards, or just weren't what publishing houses would be interested in right now). I have also never let anyone outside of my immediate family read any of my novels (because the other 3 never got farther than 1st drafts). Ok, I did let one friend read something. But that's a secret. ;)

I really hope this book isn't crap.



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