Still a child, chasing my destiny.

12:26 AM

It is comforting to realize that my heart is still young; that I am a child yet.

The world is cold and terrifying and unfriendly. Life is a complicated thing, ever so much more confusing that I once thought it would be. Sometimes the days wear me out so that I want to fall into the deepest of slumbers and never wake up. The dreams I built for years seem even farther away, perhaps unattainable, and I am tempted to settle for less. For security, for comfort, for the ease of normality.

But then words touch my heart. The lines of a poem. The prose of an artist. And I can hear the wind talking to me through the window pane, and the sun beats down on my head with the pressure of a warm embrace, and the raindrops pelt my skin and send shivers up my spine. And I want nothing but to walk the road, run the secret pathways, and lie down in the tall, tangled grass and feel the comfort of the earth beneath me. I shut my eyes and listen to stories that have never been told, and would be sacrilege to repeat. And when I open my eyes, there are pictures in the clouds.

My heart soars. I am alive. And life IS a beautiful thing. And I will work, and wait, and chase the dreams I have been given, with the fire that is burning in my heart. I will not settle. My soul will not grow old. I will be a child, who dreams, and laughs, and dances.

I owe my God my life and breath. He is indescribably glorious, and He has given me a destiny. And I am ready for it.


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