Perfectly Unique (A Review)

11:34 AM

My life so easily falls into routine. I do the things I need to do. I work, I eat, I sleep, I play. And I try to serve and glorify God when I find the time... or remember to.

In September, I received an email from a publicist, asking me if I would be interested in reading and reviewing her client's new book. I was hesitant at first, because I've been busy, easily overwhelmed, and unable to find time for much reading at all. But I finally agreed, and I'm so glad I did.

Perfectly Unique: Praising God From Head To Foot by Annie F. Downs came into my mailbox shortly before I left on vacation at the beginning of October. It was a tumultuous vacation for me. I had a hard time relaxing, and I felt like I knocked heads more than bonded with a few of the members of my family. (There's nothing like pulling us all away from our jobs and other life distractions and throwing us into a couple of bedrooms for almost 2 weeks to see how we really feel about each other. ;) So there were some rocky times.

But a highlight, and a turning point in the vacation, was when I finally started reading the book. Perfectly Unique is a very personal read, as Annie honestly shares her heart and struggles with body image, learning to hear and speak the truth, and glorifying God with everything that she is. As intense as that may sound, the book is a lot of fun, and Annie shares many humorous stories from her own experiences. She's the kind of person I'd like to have as a big sister, and I am always inspired and encouraged to hear from a single woman in her thirties who is serving God wholeheartedly and ministering to other young women in her life.

The hot topic of body and self-image issues is something that resonates with me. While God has mostly protected me from the intense pain that many young women with these struggles have experienced, it is still something that affects me almost every day. I see the dangerous tendencies within myself, and in my ambitious, high stress, type-A personality that is never satisfied. I set the bar impossibly high, and beat myself up when I fail to meet it. But in this book, Annie spoke to my heart, emphasizing God's love for me, and how much He wants to use me for His glory, regardless of my failures and whether or not I live up to my own standards.

I actually think the most revolutionary part of the book for me was how we can glorify God with our whole bodies. This is something I've known my whole life, but with each chapter I gained a new perspective, especially when it came to the ears, eyes, mouth, and mind, which can be tough areas for me to control. Not only was Perfectly Unique easy to read and very entertaining, it encouraged me to fix my eyes more firmly on Jesus, and to realize how I am able to glorify Him each and every day.

I definitely encourage you to pick up your own copy of Perfectly Unique (it's fantastic material for a Bible study!) and also to check out Annie's blog, where the humor and encouragement continues. I am so thankful for the opportunity to review this book, and for the way God has used it in my life. I hope He uses it in your life, too. :)


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